Rummy Terms & Glossary

Rummy games, just as all other games out there, have specific terms that are used. While most of them are logical and you surely know them and understand them after just watching the games, there are some that you might not know. Here is a short Rummy terms glossary of the less common rummy terms you are to meet. Read about the interesting rummy history dedicated article.

  • Advertising (Baiting or Fishing) – This is the process in which you are to discard one card in order to cause an opponent to discard a card of similar suit or rank so that you can gain an advantage. The term is different than angling, which is the same process but tries to induce your opponent to discard cards one rank away.
  • Base – 4 natural cards, all having the same rank, usually used in canasta.
  • Blind Discard – One discard that you are doing without knowing if the opponent will be able to use it.
  • Block – To keep a hold of one card that would make a meld for your opponent.
  • Canasta – Melding 7 cards, all of the exact same rank. Mixed canasta means you are melding a canasta that has 1 to 3 jokers/wild cards. The natural canasta contains no wild cards.
  • Contract – The amount and/or type of set that one player needs to meld in order to be allowed to do so.
  • Dead Cards – The cards that are not available anymore due to the fact that they are either melded or in a discard pile.
  • Exposed Card – Can only appear in partnership cards and the exposed card is the one that will be either held or dropped so that the partner will see it illegally.
  • Foot – A bottom portion of a stock. The term is used when the foot appears divided so that it is easier to handle.
  • Forcing – When you discard one card that a player will be forced to take.
  • Joker Trade – When you are taking the joker from one hand that is melded by replacing it with the actual card it represents.
  • Kibitz – To look at a game or comment on it without participating.
  • Non-Comoquers – Kings or aces in Panguingue games.
  • Pluck – Happens when you take the card that is at the top of a deck.
  • Prize Pile – The pile that is of discarded cards and frozen in Canasta.

There are different other rummy terms that are not included in this short glossary. Make sure that you pay attention to specific terms used in different rummy variations out there. Give a look to burraco glossary to learn more useful terms.