Rummy History: Controversy and Diversity

Although there is no denial in the fact that online rummy games are really popular nowadays, there is a lot of controversy around rummy history in general. Different disagreements exist and different theories are accepted by different people. We thus have three main rummy history origins theories that we need to know about.

Rummy genesis

The Conquian origin theory links back to Conquian rummy games, one of the earliest possible type of games that are a part of the Rummy family. Different sources claim that the games appeared in Spain and were then exported towards Mexico. That is where interest grew and around the middle of the 1800s the game started to rise in popularity. As time passed the game reached the Southwestern USA areas and Texas around the end of the 19th century. We thus have early American references to Cooncan, which is a type of rummy. The new game also arrived in England and it received the name Rum, a slang word meaning queer or odd. As this term reached USA it became Rummy.

Another widely accepted rummy history origin is linked with poker. The theory is that poker is the ancestor of rummy games and appeared due to influences from French Settlers that arrived in what is now known as USA. Rummy and poker share similarities in the combination of cards as both have the sequences concepts involved together with groups. The theory claims that Rummy appeared from the Whiskey Poker variation, which would have eventually become Rum Poker and then Rummy.

Others think that the Chinese Origins theory is more correct. We know of a game called Khanhoo, which first appeared around the 1800s. It includes the characteristics of both Rummy and Poker in the sense that you need to create groups and sequences. A lot of domino games of Chinese origins are also created based on the mechanism, with Mah Jong being the most popular.

We cannot really be sure which of the three accepted theories above are correct so we can say that Rummy history is definitely controversial. While the past is blurry, the future seems to be bright as Rummy games are constantly gaining new followers, especially in the online gaming world. There are a lot of people that are starting to learn different rummy variations and really enjoy the game. If you want to try this great game out, give a look to our rummy download page.

Important Rummy Game Variations

Rummy is a really popular game but it does come with a lot of game variations that few people know about. Let us talk about the most common and interesting ones that you will find while playing.

In some games you can call “Rummy”. You can do so when a card is discarded and that card could help play off other cards. Whoever gets to say “Rummy” first will be able to play that card.

Probably the most common rummy game variations appear when talking about rummy scores, more particularly when referring to aces or 1 tiles. They can be worth 15 points, 25 points or even 1 point when used in a run with 2 and 3.

Sometimes we also have a game variation that sees a player receiving 100 points if he has all 4 aces and just 15 points per ace when used in another combination. There are also games like Okey (Turkish Rummy) where the cards will have no real value in scoring and the players will only receive points or penalties when they win or lose a game. Sometimes games will use a Joker, which will usually be worth 15 points.

We can also have some game variations that are characteristic to boathouse rule rummy. Here a player will need to discard when he/she goes out. Also, when the stock will be over a player can draw from a discard pile but only if he/she wants to do so. There is also the variation that allows the cards to be reshuffled with the game continuing, or, alternatively, the hand can end when the cards are over.

There are also rummy game variations that are linked to actually winning the game. In most variations we will have the player that wins needing to simply discard all the cards, and thus win a game. On other variations we are faced with a fixed number of hands to be played and the winner might be the one that reaches a given score first or the one that has the most points after a fixed number of hands.

We recommend that you ask about the special rules that are involved in the Rummy game variations that you are to play. If you play online rummy you can easily do this by reading the rules on the web site and if you play in real life all that you really have to do is ask the players and they will surely answer every single question you might have. There are some other interesting variations of the game, such as online Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin Rummy, Kalooki and many more – you should try them all!

Scoring Facts That You Need To Know in Rummy

Most rummy games have the same rules when it comes to scoring although there are different variations that can exist, based on the actual game that you will be playing. It is crucial that you know all the particular rules that are linked with scoring in order to not be surprised when a player lands a bonus or you get a negative score and you did not know that this was going to happen.

In most situations the cards are scored only when they are melded. Also, no scoring usually happens unless a player will meld all the cards in his hand. There are also rummy variations where scores are immediately calculated when you meld a hand. In most situations the cards from 10 to K or tiles from 10 to 13 are scored with 10 points. 1 or Ace are usually worth 25 points and the rest of the cards can be worth their numeric values or 5 points. In most cases you are to receive positive points for the melded cards and the cards that are not melded will give you negative points. Joker value usually varies but in most cases it is worth 15 points. When you close your hand with a Joker in some rummy variations you might get a bonus of 50 points and the card with which you close is scored.

Problems appear when we are playing special rummy variations that are not that well known. If you are in front of a rummy game that you did not play before the best course of action is to ask about scoring and make sure that you properly understand when you will receive points and penalties. The truth is that there are a lot of possible rules for online rummy game scoring. There is even the possibility that you will just gain a fixed amount of points when you make the hand and a negative point value when you do not. An example of a rummy game where this happens is Okey (also known as Turkish Rummy).

A very good way to get a hang of all scoring rules associated with the most common rummy games is to play online rummy games for free. You can easily learn all the rules that are linked with both the game and scoring and everything happens really fast.