Rummy Online

Rummy online is one of the fastest growing games on the internet. Years ago you could only play rummy online at cheap, virus infested game sites that offered a very low quality experience. These days there are actual online rummy rooms that allow you to play for free or real money. These rooms offer various rummy games and provide the very best in terms of support, promotions, bonuses and software. This website is here to help you learn more about playing rummy online. Since rummy is a skill game it is perfectly legal to play for real money in most countries, including the United States.

Rummy online rules

rummy onlineThe object of the game is very simple: to pick up and throw away cards while forming them into suitable groups or combinations known as melds. The winner is the first person to get rid of all of their cards, either by being able to ‘throw them away’ or by being smart enough to form melds.

After being able to play fun Rummy games against other players whether it be for free or for money, we now bring you Traditional Rummy Rooms where you can play in real money ring games and real money Rummy Tournaments!

Also included are the online games of Gin Rummy, Kalooki 51 (Kaluki), Kalooki 40 and Rummikub. Rummy Royal now offers you, the player, our ultimate gaming experience! Each Rummy tournament game has its own score card, but there is a set of universal scores that can be used – Ace = 1 point, Faces = 10 points, Others = score matches the number of the card.

Winning Rummy tournaments gives the winner such a great feeling and we are here to make sure that your gaming experience is satisfying and stimulating, ensuring you of regular tournament updates and gaming galore for your pleasure and entertainment.

With us you can learn how to play Rummy in a very short time by watching our easy and informative Gin Rummy demonstration video. But first, read the Basic Rules section thoroughly once or twice and then the video to see how to put the rules into action. You can watch it as many times as you like so that you become familiar with the game. And lastly, read over our Getting Started page. Experts recommend the best way to learn Rummy is by watching the Gin Rummy demonstration video.

Variations of rummy

Rummy OnlineIf you come from a family with a card playing background then you may already be au fait with games like Canasta, Oklahoma Gin, Okey, Rummy 500, Tripoley and Mahjong. If not, these are all very easy games to learn right here on RummyRoyal. They are all similar to the basic Rummy game as they fall under the Rummy family by being known as ‘draw and discard’ games.
We hope to see you as a regular visitor to our site as you join our card-playing family.

Rummy Card Games can be played by between 2 to 6 players, although games on lines are mostly played between 4 players. Most versions of Rummy can be played with Cards or Tiles, as in Rummikub.

With this original version of the Rummy game, one standard deck of 52 playing cards is required. The cards are ranked in their natural numerical order – A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K – as the four suits of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs are all of equal value.

Once the cards have been shuffled and the deck has been cut, each player picks a card randomly. The player who has the highest ranking card is the dealer. For the next game, the dealer will be the person on the left of the current dealer. Play moves in a clockwise direction.

The number of cards each player receives depends on the number of people playing the game:
– 2 players = ten cards each
– 3 or 4 players = 7 cards each
– 5 or 6 players = 6 cards each.

Once each player has their cards, the dealer turns over the card at the top of the deck of cards and places it on the table next to the remaining deck of cards. This will form the pile of discarded cards. The rest of the deck will be the cards that are picked up be the players as the game progresses. Rummy games are available at almost all new casino sites in UK.

Be the first player

Rummy OnlineThe Object of Rummy online is to be the first player to have laid all his cards down into groups. This is accomplished by forming the cards into what are called ‘melds’. There are 2 kinds of melds. A set could be made up of 4 Queens or 3 Eights for example – 3 or 4 cards of the same value. A run would be 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit – as shown below – 10, Jack, Queen, King & Ace of Hearts.

Play begins with the player to the left of the dealer. One card is drawn from the stock pile and if it fits in with the cards in the players hand so that he is able to form a meld, the card will be kept and the player will discard another card from his hand. The player only forms a meld if he is able to do so during his turn. If not, play moves on to the next player. In some Rummy games, cards may be added to existing melds already on the table. If all the cards in the stock pile are used, it is turned over and used again without any shuffling. And so play continues.

In a non-competitive game, the winner is the first person to have no cards left, while in a tournament, the winner is the player who scores the highest points.

Most of the Rummy games versions can be played with cards or with tiles.